Great fences make great neighbors! Not only does your fencing offer you privacy, it's a major part of the personality of your property. Fences increase curb appeal and set the style for your home.

Enclosing your yard makes it a safer place for children and pets. TX Decks and More understands that your fence provides security for your family first & foremost.

Our greenthumb clients love the shaded growing areas fencing provides, and we offer options that are especially great for climbing flowers and vines. The right fence can turn your yard into a garden oasis, allowing you to escape from the outside world into a peaceful retreat.

Fence gardens are an exciting new trend in suburban living ... we can mount herb boxes on your fencing to give you a functional and decorative green space without sacrificing any of your yard!

Adding a rotboard option to your fence is a great way to keep maintenance costs low and provide extra protection for your more active pets. The idea is simple - add a horizontal board to the bottom, keeping the pickets from touching the ground and allowing you to replace a few damaged boards instead of all the pickets in the event that your pets decide to stage an escape attempt!