Enclosed Porch

When our client bought her new home, there was a structurally sound deck, with a worn pergola. She really wanted an enclosed porch where she could enjoy the back yard without bugs or sun beating down - and she wanted her dogs to still have doggie-door access to the yard.


We pressure washed the existing deck, demolished the pergola, and built an enclosed porch with gabled roof. The cedar ages beautifully and offers natural resistance to pests and moisture. The screened windows are huge, giving a nice open feel and good air circulation. Our client added rope lights to create a perfect ambiance for nighttime gatherings. Rain or shine, she can spend time outside in comfort!

Custom Style

Almost anyone can build something - but we pride ourselves on building a custom project that fits your life and your home. We take the time to see your ideas and hear your needs, then we work closely with you to determine a budget, schedule, and final design that brings the image in your head to life!